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NYC Atheists Bus Campaign

You asked for it. You anticipated it. You waited for it! This month, some two dozen buses will roll through Manhattan, debuting our 12-foot long, three foot high message, "You don’t have to believe in god to be a moral or ethical person". Look for the signs the first day our buses maneuver through the city in late June. Take a photo of yourself standing beside our bus poster at a bus stop and we'll run it in our newsletter.

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Date & Time: Nov 20 2014 - 6:30pm
Location: SLC Conference Center– 15 West 39th St. (3rd Floor)
Speaker: BRENDAN COLTHURST Brendan Colthurst is a filmmaker, software developer, entrepreneur and the producer of the film “Kumare.”
Subject: FILM “KUMARE – THE TRUE STORY OF A FALSE PROPHET.” We will watch a documentary about a man who impersonates a wise Indian Guru and builds up a following in Arizona. At the height of his popularity, the Guru Kumare feels he must reveal his true identity to his disciples and unveil his greatest teaching of all: “The answers are all within you.”


Cost: We ask for a donation of $10 to help cover the cost of room rental.


Date & Time: Nov 21 2014 - 6:30pm
Location: Stone Creek -140 East 27th St. (3rd/Lex) – REAR ROOM
Subject: “EMPATHY AND ALTRUISM – HOLY BOOKS NEED NOT APPLY.” We will discuss primatologist Frans de Wall’s book, “The Age of Empathy: Nature’s Lessons for a Kinder Society.” De Waal deflates the human assumption that animals lack the characteristics often referred to as humane. We’ll watch several videos that show how babies and other primates show empathy without the need for biblical teaching or tradition.

6:00 PM  (HAPPY HOUR)   
6:30 PM  (BOOK CLUB)    

Cost: Free, but participants are expected to purchase drink or food to compensate Stone Creek for their space.
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