Hey, Natty Fans! Natty is Back in Top Form on Feb. 17 - Discussing Love Just After Valentine's Day

Hey, Natty Fans! Natty is Back in Top Form on Feb. 17
Discussing Love Just After Valentine's Day
For all you Natty Adams lovers out there, we have a special treat on February 17th—Natty is discussing
LOVE at the NYC Atheists' Meetup at the Stone Creek!
"My topic is going to be 'Religion and Romance," Natty told us. "Meaning, have you dated religious people?
If not, do you think you could? If so, were there any problems arising from clashing philosophies?"
For all you fans who think that Nathaniel (Natty) Adams is romance incarnate himself (and don't we all think
he looks like a handsome pirate with his new Genghis Khan moustache?), for all those who appreciate
Natty's wit, for all those who think Natty's charm is exceeded only by his gracious wisdom, Tuesday at the
Stone Creek will be a treat.
Atheist Diversity
Be prepared for fun, a little atheist humor, a bit of irreverence. Be prepared for some rollicking comments
from the likes of Big Eric (who claims he represents four minorities: Jewish, Gay, Disabled and Obese) (OK,
maybe the last isn't really a minority anymore in America); be prepared for some energized commentary
from Tiffany, some on-the-point wisdom from Serge. Get to know these regular attendees: the Atheist
community is made up of diverse, fascinating and unusual people from many countries and ethnicities.
Feel free to hang around the Stone Creek afterwards, mingle, talk to Natty and touch bases with some of the
most friendly and irreverent atheists in New York City.
And if you just can't get enough Natty to last you the month, you can access Natty's blog at
http://nattyadams.blogspot.com/2009/02/with-capital-r.html The latest "serious" piece he wrote on there is
about relationships and love. It is a beautiful, analytical piece that made me think of D. H. Lawrence's
dissections of Love—until the last sentence. Then, oy vey. But that's the irreverent Natty we all love.
WHAT:   "Religion and Romance," a discussion led by Nathaniel (Natty") Adams
WHEN:    Tuesday, February 17,  at 7 p.m.
WHERE:  Stone Creek Bar & Lounge
                  140 East 27th St. (bet. 3rd & Lex)
                  The Back Room
COST:     FREE, but we like to give the Stone Creek some business
                 in exchange for them letting us use their back room. Drinks
                 and munchies available, reasonably priced.
N             New York City Atheists Inc. is a 501C not-for-profit association dedicated to the separation of church and  
              state and to promoting Atheist values and lifestyle. All are welcome: atheists, agnostics, secularists,  
              humanists, skeptics and those just  seeking and questioning.