NYCA Meetup on Inauguration Day - To Celebrate the Dawning of a New Day in America

NYCA Meetup on Inauguration Day 
To Celebrate the Dawning of a New Day in America 
Natty Adams Reigns Once More 
On an Evening That  Says Goodbye to Bush 
Half  the women in the nation may be in love with our gracious new president, Barack Obama---but 
the other half, let me assure you, are head- over-heels over Nathaniel “Natty” Adams,  NYCA’s 
handsome, debonair and utterly charming meetup host, who is honoring us once more on Tuesday, 
January 20, with his leadership qualities. 
On a day that many have waited for, hoped for and worked for, on a day that  marks the dawning of 
a new era in America, hopefully a time of peace and prosperity, Natty will lead us in a discussion 
about “what we expect from the new president, what we don’t, and why.”  
Farewell to The Bush 
And, Natty adds, “we can discuss George W. Bush’s departing legacy and the lasting effects of his 
tenure on issues of church/state separation and religious terrorism.” (Is it true, I shall ask, that Bush’s 
last words to the nation will be 
“So Long, Suckers”?) 
Be prepared for some celebration on Tuesday evening, a little atheist humor, a little irrelevance, all 
commandeered by Natty Adams, who remains charmingly unassuming despite his movie-star (Tom 
Cruise, eat your heart out) good looks.  
You will not be treated with disrespect in this meetup group if your ideas are different, if you are 
new to secularism or you are searching.  Always the gracious host, Natty sees to it that everyone has 
a chance to speak no matter how weird their ideas may seem. Our generally lighthearted banter is 
meant to entertain, to support and to clarify ideas. 
Natty’s leadership style is based more on trying to understand where you are coming from, respect 
for sharing your ideas and giving you a chance to express yourself among people who basically 
share your values. And listen carefully for Natty’s comments and summations because they are 
subtle and nuanced; they may pass by quickly if you aren’t paying attention. 
Feel free to hang around after the discussion, mingle and touch bases with some of the most friendly 
and irreverent atheists in the city. And look for some surprise celebrity visitors. At our December 
Meetup,  surprise visitors included Jason Torpy, president of  M.A.A.F. (Military Atheists and 
Freethinkers) and his lovely girlfriend. 
WHAT:   Say Farewell to Bush meetup, hosted by Nathaniel “Natty” Adams 
WHEN:  Tuesday, January 20, 2009 
               7 p.m. or thereabouts 
WHERE: Stone Creek Bar 
               140 East 27th (bet. 3rd & Lex) 
COST:   Free, but we would appreciate your ordering at least one bar item 
              or some  food to compensate Stone Creek for letting us use their premises.                                      
For further information: 
Jane Everhart 
Director of Communication 
New York City Atheists 
Ken Bronstein, President 
New York City Atheists