Is There Life in Other Galaxies? Find out this Sunday at the NYC Atheists Brunch...

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September 8, 2009
What Is Up There In Our Mysterious Galaxy?
Is There Other Life In Our Universe?

New York—One of the great questions of our time is the definition of life, and what conditions are required for life and where in our galaxy is life also viable.
As atheists, we know that there is no deity up there in the mysterious sky above us, no heaven and no angels.  Then what is up there?  Once, Europeans did not know what there was across the Atlantic Ocean.  Science and navigation technology made it possible for them to go and find out. Will science also steer us to what is really above us in the heavens once we strip fact from the fiction, science from myth?
                                                       What Do We Know So Far?

Our Brunch speaker this Sunday will tell us what we know so far about our mysterious galaxy. Dr. Fred Walter, Professor of Astronomy at Department of Physics and Astronomy at Stony Brook University, will examine our universe as a habitat for life.
Dr. Walter will explain some aspects of astronomy that we should all be acquainted with (the physical conditions in the universe; extra solar planets); information theory (i.e., how do we recognize signals from alien intelligences?); biology (how does intelligent life evolve?) and chemistry (where does life come from in the first place?). The professor will also describe our earth as it was about 3.8 billion years ago, which scientists estimate was when life on earth began.

Dr. Walter's interests in the cosmos include how stars are born, why stars explode and what causes the collision of things in space. He will explain the "Drake equation," which tells how scientists estimate how many potential civilizations are in our galaxy of more than 400 billion stars and planets.
                                                              Let Your Mind Soar
Come on Sunday to hear some of the most exciting facts about our universe to be discovered in this generation. Be prepared to have your mind stretched! Dr. Walter, a graduate of Berkeley in California, says his objective as a professor is to train his students in critical thinking. His fascinating topic considers how new scientific advances may influence our lives, or how they will influence our progeny in generations to come.
Come and welcome our Stony Brook professor in his efforts to keep us up on what's happening in those mysterious skies above us. Why should Stony Brook students be the only ones to benefit from the enthusiastic wisdom of professors like Dr. Walter?  Let your mind soar sky high in concepts of other galaxies, other universes!
WHAT:              "Is There Life In The Universe?" a exploratory talk by Fred Walter, PhD, Professor                           of Physics and Astronomy at Stony Brook University, NY.
WHEN:               Sunday, September 13, 2009
                          12 PM
WHERE:             Press Box Restaurant and Pub
                           932 Second Ave. (bet. 49th & 50th Sts.)
                           Second floor
COST:                Brunch, $20 (includes selection of buffet entrees and salad, one
                           soft drink, coffee, tax, tip) Going back for seconds on their
                           delicious Eggs Benedict is expected!
Kenneth Bronstein, president
New York City Atheists
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