Monthly Meeting

Monthly Meeting - Warren Allen Smith

Date & Time: Jun 25 2009 - 6:30pm
Location: SLC Conference Center–352 Seventh Ave./16th Floor-(29/30th St.)
Speaker: Warren Allen Smith
Subject: What Atheists Can Learn From The Gay Civil Rights Activities

Warren Allen Smith, an early atheist pioneer, is one of our heroes. Way back in 1949, when he was a graduate student under Lionel Trilling, he started the first Humanist Club at Columbia University. It was also while he was a graduate student that he began to write, for his Master’s thesis, “Who’s Who in Hell,” a compendium of atheists and freethinkers worldwide that today is a historic 1,264-page encyclopedia available to all.

Cost: We ask for a donation of $5 to help cover the cost of room rental

MONTHLY MEETING: John Coleman, Emeritus Professor of Classics, Cornell University

Date & Time: May 28 2009 - 6:30pm
Location: SLC Conference Center, 352 Seventh Ave. (29/30th St.) - 16th Floor
Speaker: John Coleman – Emeritus Professor of Classics – Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
Subject: My experiences as the first professor to teach a course in Atheism in a major U.S. University.

Dr. Coleman, who has taught classical archeology at Cornell for 38 years, decided that he wanted to try something new before he retired from a long and luminous career. He wanted to wake up, shake up his students by getting them to look at evidence and arguments put forward in favor of atheism.

Cost: Free, but we would appreciate a $5 donation toward the cost of the meeting room.
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